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10 Week Program Schedule


Week 1

Lesson 1 

Week 2

Lesson 2

Week 3

 Lesson 3


Week 4

Lesson 4


Week 5

 Lesson 5


Week 6

Lesson 6

Week 7

Lesson 7

Week 8

Lesson 8

Week 9
Lesson 9

Week 10
Lesson 10

Note: When working with children aged 10 and under, it's important to keep them engaged and actively participating in your training. To achieve this, you can include additional supplemental activities throughout your sessions. Our goal is to ensure 100% student participation. If you notice any signs of students losing interest, please promptly switch to a supplemental activity to re-engage them all.

18 Supplemental Boxing Games and Activities - Click Here

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Remember to enter the number of students that were in your class today!

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