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Lesson 9

Today's Focus: Movement

Class Schedule 


Session A/B:

5 Minutes: Stretching

  • Toe Touch – hold 15 seconds then release (x2)

  • Neck Half Circles – 3 times

  • Shoulder Circles – forward, then backward (5 time each)

  • Arm Circles – Clockwise, then counterclockwise (x2)

  • Side Bends – 10 bends on each side

  • Reach for the stars – 10 seconds

  • Child pose – hold for 30 seconds

8 Minutes: Cardio

  • Run In Place
    - High Knees (1 minute followed by 30 second rest)
    - Heels Kicking your bottom (1 minute followed by 30 second rest)
    - wide-leg running (1 minute followed by 30 second rest)
    - Slow motion running (1 minute followed by 30 second rest)

  • Tuck Jumps (5 Tuck Jumps followed by 30 second rest) x 5

2 Minutes: Water Break

20 minutes: Boxing Fundamental: Hand wraps and Movement

  • Demonstrate – Combine Block, Perry, Slip and Roll (5 Minutes)

  • Movement Drills – 1, 2, 3 (15 minutes)

2 Minutes: Water Break

5 Minutes: Cool Down/ Stretching

Key Terms

  • Movement - Having the mobility to float around the ring and use the right muscles at the right time is essential for you to harness the physical characteristics required for high performance. Mobility and movement training also helps reduce muscular imbalances and reduce likelihood of injury

Drill Examples:

  1. Squeeze Ball Drill Watch Video

    • Have Partner 1 stand in front of a wall, and make sure their back foot is just against the wall. The goal of this boxing partner drill is to simulate being up against the ropes with nowhere to move. The wall serves as a rebound surface so that Partner 2 can quickly grab the squeeze balls.

      Let’s get started!

      Partner 1 starts in a fighting stance with their legs about shoulder width apart

      Partner 2 slowly starts tossing the squeeze ball on both sides of Partner 1 (not aiming directly at Partner 2, but rather at the edges of their body)

      Partner 1 should move slightly away from the ball using their upper body in a slip movement

      Once comfortable, Partner 2 can increase their tossing speed and mix in throws above Partner 1’s head so that Partner 1 can practice their roll

      This tennis ball drill for boxing effectively trains defense, head movement, and footwork. Start slow and continue this drill for a minute. Once you’ve established a rhythm, add more time. The goal would be to practice this drill for 3-minute rounds, twice a week. This will maximize its benefits.

  2. Ladder Agility Drill  - Watch Video
    **Create a ladder on the floor using the tape provided++

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