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Boxer is an amateur boxing program designed to provide children and teens with an outlet for understanding and managing their emotions through the sport of boxing. Available to students ages 8 - 17, Boxer classes are facilitated by trained boxing coaches teaching boxing fundamentals and the importance of physical activity and perseverance.


ROBOKONG MiniEV is a project-based STEM learning program that introduces students, ages 11 - 14, into the emerging field of electric vehicles. 

Working with our reusable kits, participants learn how to engineer, problem-solve, and think creatively while working together to build their own ride-on electric go kart.

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Mold’n is a sneaker design program that introduces students to the footwear industry. Designed for students ages 14-17. MOLD’N guides students through the process of shoemaking - from a sketch to the shelf. Areas of focus include design, manufacturing, marketing, sales, and distribution.

The Mold’n program is divided into two parts: Knowledge Base and Practical Exploration.

KNOWLEDGE BASE : Gives students an opportunity to learn the history and business basics of shoe design and production. 

PRACTICAL EXPLORATION: An interactive session where participants will apply the learned material in a practical setting, exploring their personal interests and various facets.

Robokong mini EV
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