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Lesson 1

Today's Focus: Guard & Stance

Class Schedule:

Session A:

2 Minutes: Introduction and Welcome

“Hi! My name is Coach _____________, and I am with the KidKong Association. During the next _____ weeks will be learning Boxing fundamentals. We are going to have a great time!

There are a few class rules to make sure everyone has fun. The rules are:

  1. No hitting 

  2. No making fun of anyone

  3. Everyone must participate

  4. Have Fun!

10 Minutes: Student Introductions and Ice Breaker*

Have the students tell you their name and answer the question "what super power would you have if you were a super hero."



"Lets get in a circle and introduce ourselves, everyone tell me their name and what super power you would have if you were a super hero."

2 Minutes: Welcome Wrap Up*

Trainer can wrap up Introductions by saying,

"I look forward to working with you all over the next few weeks. We are going to work hard and have fun. Now let’s get start with stretching.”


(*Only done on the first day of program)

Session A/B:

5 Minutes: Stretching

  • Toe Touch – hold 15 seconds then release (x2)

  • Neck Half Circles – 3 times

  • Shoulder Circles – forward, then backward (5 time each)

  • Arm Circles – Clockwise, then counter clockwise (x2)

  • Side Bends – 10 bends on each side

  • Reach for the stars – 10 seconds

  • Child pose – hold for 30 seconds


10 Minutes: Cardio

  • Run In Place
    - High Knees (1 minute followed by 30 second rest)
    - Heels Kicking your bottom (1 minute followed by 30 second rest)
    - wide-leg running (1 minute followed by 30 second rest)
    - Slow motion running (1 minute followed by 30 second rest)

  • Jumping Jacks (30 jumping jacks followed by 30 second rest) x 4

2 Minutes: Water Break

20 Minutes: Boxing Fundamental: Boxing Guard & Stance

  • Define & Demonstrate Guard (5 minutes)

  • Define & Demonstrate Orthodox Stance and Southpaw Stance (5 minutes)

  • Stance Drills (10 minutes)

2 Minutes: Water Break

2 Minutes: Cool Down / Stretching

Key Terms​

  • Guard

  • Stance

  • Orthodox Stance

  • Southpaw Stance

Key Terms​ Defined:

  • Guard: is where you hold your hands. Guard is used to avoid and block punches while still allowing boxer to strike his/her opponent. No matter how agile and technically skilled a boxer is, he/she must have a great guard that allows him or her to use his or her offensive skills while defending strikes at the same time

  • Stance - A boxing stance is how you position your feet and body, most boxing stances are based on your dominant hand. There are 4 types of Stances we are focusing on 2: The Orthodox Stance and Southpaw Stance

  • Orthodox Stance - Orthodox Stance is used by right handed boxers. The Orthodox stance is the most common stance in boxing . Most people are right-handed and naturally, take this stance when getting in a fighting position.

  • Southpaw Stance: Southpaw Stance is used by left handed boxers. 

Why the proper boxing stance is Important

Like your stance, boxing footwork helps fighters maintain balance. It is also crucial to being able to deliver effective punch combinations, improving accuracy with every hit, and setting boxers up for offensive moves.

Excellent footwork is often credited in the success of champion boxers. The ability to move around one’s opponent swiftly while staying balanced is essential in real-life fight scenarios. Learning boxing footwork fundamentals is key in helping beginners quickly amp up their game to the next level. -
Source: Fight Club,

Drill Examples:

  1. Guard Drills - Watch Example Video

  2. Stance DrillsWatch Example Video

    NOTE: For the Stance Drills use the tape provided in your equipment bag to create the straight line on the floor. 

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