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Lesson 7

Today's Focus: Defensive Block and Perry

Class Schedule 


Session A/B:

5 Minutes: Stretching

  • Toe Touch – hold 15 seconds then release (x2)

  • Neck Half Circles – 3 times

  • Shoulder Circles – forward, then backward (5 time each)

  • Arm Circles – Clockwise, then counterclockwise (x2)

  • Side Bends – 10 bends on each side

  • Reach for the stars – 10 seconds

  • Child pose – hold for 30 seconds


8 Minutes: Cardio

  • Run In Place
    - High Knees (1 minute followed by 30 second rest)
    - Heels Kicking your bottom (1 minute followed by 30 second rest)
    - wide-leg running (1 minute followed by 30 second rest)
    - Slow motion running (1 minute followed by 30 second rest)

  • Side Lateral Leaps
    - Leap to the Right
    - Leap to the Left
    *Alternate Left and Right after each 30 second rest, do this a total of 10 sets

2 Minutes: Water Break

20 minutes: Boxing Fundamental: Defensive Techniques: Block & Parry

  • Demonstrate – Block & Perry (5 minutes)

  • High Block

  • Low Block

  • Catches

  • Parry

  • Defensive Drills – Block and Perry (15 minutes)

2 Minutes: Water Break

5 Minutes: Cool Down/ Stretching

Key Terms

  • Block - Blocking a punch is the process of stopping it on it's line of attack. 

  • Parry - Parrying is the process of deflecting an incoming shot from it's line of attack.

Drill Examples:

  1. Block and Parry Drill Watch Example Video

    • After students have demonstrated the ability to perform the Block and Perry, partner the students up and let one student simulate a  punch while the other student performs the block/perry.

      Each student should do it 10-15 times then switch. The partner that was throwing the punch will now practice the block and perry and the partner that was block and perrying will now throw the punch.

      NOTE: Safety is always the most important. The student throwing the punch should know that they are throwing very slow punches. If they are not able to follow instructions they must be asked to sit down and not participate and the a new partner must be assigned.

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