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If you're teaching small children, ages 10 and under, you can enhance their learning experience by incorporating these enjoyable boxing-themed activities into the class. These activities are designed to promote physical activity, coordination, teamwork, and, most importantly, prioritize safety.


  1. Boxer Simon Says: Play a modified version of Simon Says, where the leader gives boxing-related instructions like "Punch the air," "Shadow box," or "Jab to the left." Children must follow the instructions only when "Simon says" before the command.

  2. Boxing Freeze Dance: Play lively music and have the children dance freely. When the music stops, they must strike a boxing pose and hold it until the music resumes.

  3. "Jab Stop, Jab Go”: is a boxing-themed game similar to Red Light, Green Light, where players line up, freeze in a boxing stance when the coach shouts 'Jab Stop!', and move forward with light jabs when the coach shouts 'Jab Go!', with the objective of reaching the coach without being caught moving during a 'Jab Stop!' command."

  4. Boxing Relay Race: Set up a relay race where children wear oversized boxing gloves and have to complete various tasks, such as punching a punching bag, jumping over small hurdles, and weaving through cones. Each child completes their part of the race before tagging the next teammate.

  5. Musical Punching Mitts: Similar to musical chairs, but with punching mitts placed in a circle. When the music stops, children race to punch a mitt. The child without a mitt is eliminated, and a mitt is removed until one winner remains.

  6. Balloon Punch: Hang balloons at different heights and encourage children to punch them gently with their fists.

  7. Duck and Punch: Children squat down in a boxing stance, and on a leader's command to "Duck!" they quickly lower their bodies. When the leader says "Punch!" they throw a gentle punch toward a designated target.

  8. Boxer Relay: Divide children into teams. Each team has a relay race where they put on oversized boxing gloves and pass a baton to their teammate using only their fists.

  9. Punching Mitt Tag: Designate one child as "it" and give them a punching mitt. The other children try to avoid being tagged by the "punching mitt" by using quick footwork and agility.

  10. Punching Mitt Hopscotch: Create a hopscotch grid on the ground and place a punching mitt in each square. Children take turns hopping from square to square while giving the pads a gentle punch.

  11. Punching Balloon Volleyball: Get a large balloon or beach ball. Children can play volleyball, using their fists to punch the balloon over a rope or a low net.

  12. Punching Mitt Target Practice: Pair children up, with one child wearing mitts and the other child throwing punches. The mitt-wearer guides their partner's punches, creating a fun target practice game.

  13. Punching Mitt Memory: Place several punching pads in a line or a grid. Show the children a sequence of pads to punch, and then have them try to replicate the sequence by punching the pads in the same order. Increase the difficulty by adding more pads or changing the order.

  14. Knockout Bowling: Set up a small bowling alley using plastic bowling pins and a lightweight ball. Children take turns rolling the ball to knock down the pins, imitating a boxing punch. They can even do a victory "boxing" celebration after knocking down all the pins.

  15. Boxing Tag: Play a game of tag where the tagged child must perform a boxing move before they can resume chasing other players.

  16. Knockout Obstacle Course: Set up a mini obstacle course with hoops to jump through, cones to weave around, and punching pads to hit along the way. Children navigate the course while pretending to be boxers.

  17. Balloon Boxing Ring: Inflate a large balloon and designate an area as the "boxing ring." Children take turns entering the ring and use their fists to keep the balloon in the air, pretending to box with it. The goal is to keep the balloon from touching the ground for as long as possible.

  18. Knockout Obstacle Course: Set up a mini obstacle course with hoops to jump through, cones to weave around, and punching pads to hit along the way. Children navigate the course while pretending to be boxers.



Remember to prioritize safety and use appropriate equipment when engaging in these games. Adult supervision is recommended to ensure that the activities are conducted in a safe and controlled manner.

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